Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

For readability, some spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been standardized.

Mailing Address


Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

E-mail 28 August 2012

1st Week

Well, I've been in the MTC almost a week!  It's crazy, it feels like it has been a day, but then again it feels like it has been a month!!  I gained 3 pounds in the first three days because eating and reading letters are the only thing to really get too excited about sometimes!  not because the food is too great, I feel like I'm eating a piece of rubber for every meal :)  I got super lucky and got put into a trio with two awesome guys!  We get along really well, and we also help keep each other on task and we get a lot done but we also have lots a fun!  There has been lots of study time cause we didn't really have a real teacher, but yesterday they assigned us a permanent one so that should help out a lot!  Spanish has been pretty tough for me so far cause everybody in my district, the 9 people we have class with and study with for the nine weeks we are here, all have taken Spanish in high school so I feel a little behind. Hopefully in a couple weeks I can catch up to them and not get too frustrated trying to learn it! I like it though because it is probably the toughest thing I have had to do in a while so it's a pretty good challenge! Elder Harman, one of my companions got called to be the district leader on Friday or Saturday and so me and my other companion elder Taylor were kind of making fun of him because he has to go to a bunch of meetings and do a bunch of interviews and stuff.  Anyways Sunday before we headed off to church our branch president came and called me and Elder Taylor out and asked us to be Zone Leader! We were super surprised!!  From what we had heard ZL's were usually called after being at the MTC after being there at least a few weeks, not on the first day and the youngest companionship!!  It was definitely a shocker!!  We are in charge of our branch which is about 70 people so it will be quite the challenge with lots of meetings and interviews!  I'm hoping I can keep up on all the Spanish at the same time!  All the other Elders in the other districts are a little skeptical of us since we are so new and such, but it should be a great calling and I'm hoping to learn and grow a lot from it!!  I hope everyone is doing well!!  Thanks for the letters I have received so far!  They are a big pick up after a long day of studying!  I'm excited to hear from you all!

Elder Moser

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mission call

Jared received his mission call on his mother's
birthday March 29, 2012.
He was living in Rexburg, Idaho attending
BYU-I and Mom and Dad brought his call to him.

Postcard received August 25, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad!  We can't email until next Tuesdy so they told us to write home as soon as we can so our Moms don't worry too much!  I got put into a threesome which I don't see very much, but I think I got way lucky for it!  My companions are great!  One is Elder Harmen from Rupert, Idaho and the other is Elder Taylor from Provo.  Elder Harmen played with Justin Jenkins in some Bluegrass camps and yesterday Justin told him to watch for me, so we thought that was pretty funny!  And Elder Taylor as it turns out is the Mission President in Chile's nephew!  We are all three going to the same mission.  Anyways things are great here and I'm excited to learn the gospel and language better!  Hope you made it home safe and everything is good! Love ya!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mission Training Center

Jared began his mission yesterday.
This is at the Provo Temple while we were
waiting for his scheduled time to arrive
at the Missionary Training Center.