Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Saturday, December 28, 2013


     Well, it was great to hear from you all this week!  Sure made it a pretty good week for me!  Looks like everyone is doing good! :)  It is pretty cool how we were all able to talk to each other like that - glad we were able to figure it out :)  Don't worry about the Christmas box not getting here on time!  It did get here yesterday though!  :)  And I liked it a ton!  You knew exactly what I wanted, haha.  The whole almond thing was awesome - that is some good stuff!!  I am all set now with the whole set up of jerky, almonds and chocolate!!  Couldn't ask for anything more, haha.  Thanks for the calendars too!  They are pretty sweet.  I will enjoy them a lot, and hopefully I can learn a little something on the harmonicas - they look pretty cool to me! :)  
     It has been getting way hot here the last couple of days.  Yesterday it almost hit a hundred.  The sun is a killer here - never have felt anything like that before!  But I am enjoying the nice air conditioned office when I am in the office though :)  Makes life that much easier! 
     Well yesterday President told us that we are gonna be moving the mission office to the nicer part of the city so that means I have a pretty big project ahead of me now!  I have to drop the four apartments we are in now and then find four new ones in the nice part of the city.  Last time we found one there it took forever - definitely the hardest one I had to find, so it is gonna be quite the project!  But hopefully it works out good!  It will definitely keep me busy, that is for sure!! 
     About the hair cutting question, well I have been cutting my own hair too.  Elder Harman just helps me out on the back a little bit, but I can get most of it pretty good.  I have been doing about two haircuts a week over the last few months so I have gotten some pretty good practice in, haha.
     Anyways, I hope you and Mom have a good rest of your trips in Salt Lake and everything!  It was great to hear from you all and see you!!  Have a great week this week!  Love and miss you all!

Elder Moser

Saturday, December 21, 2013


    Hey guys!  I am glad you got my package - didn't  think it would get to you that quick but that is great!  And that you got all the letters sent out.  I was going ask you to do that but I think I forgot about that, so thanks for doing that for me! 
     That is good that you guys got the whole Google Hangout thing figured out.  I wasn't sure if it was gonna work or not but I am glad to hear that it is!!  Should be good!  I am excited to get to be able to see and talk to you all - should be lots of fun! :)  I think it would be the best if we could do it at like 5 my time?  So it would be a few hours earlier there for you guys - does that sound alright with everyone??  We are planning on having a big Christmas dinner with the 2 couples that are here in the office with us, so that should be lots of fun!  Some good States cooking again.  I am looking forward for that one :)  Today turned out to be a pretty sweet day.  The rest of President's family came in today from the States, so we all went over to the airport and picked them up and then we all went out to eat at a place called Johnny Rockets!  It is in the States too, hadn't heard of it before, but they sure had some good hamburgers and shakes!!  It was fun to get to know the rest of President's family.  It is funny how similar they are.  They are a pretty sweet family though, so it was a good experience!
     These last couple of weeks we have gotten the chance to teach one of the coolest investigators that I have ever heard of!  I am not sure if I have mentioned anything about him yet, but we met him when he contacted us.  We gave him a tour of the chapel and starting teaching him and stuff - turns out he is from my old ward, Rinconada, here in Maipu, but missionaries can´t go to his house because he rents a room with a family that are super anti-Mormon, so he just has to meet here in the church.  So we told President about him and everything, and he said that he just wanted us to keep teaching him and he wants us to start attending the Rinconada Ward with him, so that is gonna be sweet to be able to see all my old ward members again and everything.  This guy, Abraham, should be getting baptized here in a couple weeks, so I am pretty pumped for that.  He is such a good guy and loves everything about the church.  He understands everything perfectly, and has started to go to the MTC to practice with the new missionaries that are there and reads a ton in the Book of Mormon - just can't get enough of the church.  So that has made life pretty good lately - it has been nice to finally be able to teach at least one or two lessons a week!!  Makes me feel better for sure!  Just hope everything goes good with him and everything.
     Well I am excited to be able to talk to everyone this week!  Just let me know about the time!  I will get back on to check the day before or something just to make sure the time is alright.  Have a great week this week!  And I will see you in a couple of days!! :)

Elder Moser

Saturday, December 14, 2013

E-mail and photos

     Hola!  Man, the weather forecast is looking pretty nice!  It has been getting really warm here lately!  It is a good thing we got the air conditioning in the truck fixed! :)  It was fun to see some of the older pictures that you sent me!  Definitely miss those times in the mountains!  That sounds tough about your class with the lady, haha.  Those are always the worst - always just super awkward moments when there are other investigators and people go off like that!  Happens a lot here in my ward right now.  The ward is struggling a lot for sure.  It's hard to know what to do to get everyone going agian!
     Well, it was another pretty good week again, haha.  Did get to go to the coast again with Elder Harman this time though!  I guess I do kinda go out there alot, haha.  Guess it is a little easier to make up an excuse to do something when it is a cool place, haha. Nah, but we have been doing a lot out there.  President is going crazy with the missioneros there, and has doubled the amount out there!  So we have been doing a bunch with new houses and stuff, but I haven't minded at all, like you might have noticed! :)
     Today we went to one of the big malls in Santiago to go eat and just relax a bit and we had a pretty sweet experience there!  Me and Elder Harman were just kinda walking around trying to figure out what we wanted to eat and we were standing in front of the nicer restaurants, just looking around, and a guy came up behind us and grabbed our shoulders and said in English, "Hello Elders!  How is it goin?!"  It is always a nice surprise  when someone speaks English good, haha.  But anyway, we got to talking to this guy and turns out he graduated from BYU!  But he is not a member - he said that he had the lessons like thirty times but they could never convince him - just didn´t feel right for him.  But he said that he loves the Mormons and respects us a lot.  Anyway he turns out to be the owner of one of the restaurants we were standing in front of, so he told us to sit down and lunch was on him!  Ha, definitely was way above our paygrade!  But it was sweet!  Had some good Mexican food, and he just sat next to us and talked to us the whole time - it turned out to be a pretty cool experience!  A good little blessing we were able to get, I guess! :) 
     Tonight we have a lesson with a guy that actually contacted us.  He is an awesome guy.  We had a tour of the church with him last week, and he is pretty excited about the whole thing!  It is awesome when people already know how good the Church is and stuff.  He already has a really strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and everything, so I hope things go good!!  He is supposed to be here at the church in a couple of minutes so I better get going, but I hope you all have a great week this week!!  It was great to hear from you! :)

Elder Jared Moser

Photos from Sister Bertagma

Saturday, December 7, 2013

E-mail and Photos

Hola familia!  Man, I am glad I am here enjoying the nice sunshine!!  It looks stinking cold over there!  The senior couples were showing us pictures all week of their families in Oklahoma and Texas and it was snowing and stuff!  Pretty crazy!  I actually got a pretty nice sun burn golfing today!!  It was nice to be able to get out and enjoy the fresh air a little bit on the driving range!  I have been a super white boy being in the office all the time so it was nice to get a little color to my skin!  It is good that you guys missed all the bad weather!  Got pretty lucky, looks like!!  That is pretty crazy that Gwenna is gonna retire!  She has been there as long as I can remember, hah.  That is gonna be a weird change?  Who did you end up hiring??  Should be good to go down and spend Christmas in Texas!  Looks like you guys might get to have snow for Christmas!  It has been super weird trying to get into the Christmas spirit down here, haha.  Just with it being so hot and I guess it really ain't that big of a deal down here.  There isn't that many decorations or anything - for sure does not feel like it is gonna be Christmas in a couple of weeks!  It will be weird talking to you guys with skype again!  That has come pretty fast!  It would be cool to get some more of the family on like a group skype thing if that would be possible, and  be able to talk to everyone!   My buddy uses another webchat thing called Google Hangout and he said it is easy to do a group web cam call, so that might work and be pretty cool!  I guess we would have to look into that a little.  
Well my week has been going pretty good!  We had one super late night so I have been kinda tired, but other than that one day it is been a little easier around here.  That night we didn't get to bed until the sun was already coming up though, haha.  We just had to finish some graphs for a meeting the next day so that was pretty fun, haha.  Got that part of Excel down though! 
     My comp was talking to President the other day and he said that I am gonna be in the office until the middle of February, so still got a little ways to go!  I am pretty excited though!  It should be fun!  I have been enjoying it!! haha.  Wow, so I was looking back at a few letters I have sent and I thought it was pretty funny cause the one time I wrote something in Spanish to you guys I totally messed it up, haha.  I got a pretty good laugh out of that one.  I said ¨¨come¨¨ esta me familia, haha,  Anyways pretty much saying eat haha, like I am telling you guys to eat!  I hope it was at least around Thanksgiving :)
Well here are a couple pictures of our Thanksgiving and stuff!  Hope you enjoy them!!  I hope you guys all have a great week this week!!  It was good hearing from you! :)

Elder Moser


Late night. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

E-mail and photos

November 30, 2013

Hola!  Sounds like everything was going good for your Thanksgiving down in Greeley and everything!  Glad the weather was nice for you guys on the way over!  I said I was gonna write home on Thursday, but we ended up being over at President's way longer than we thought!  It was an amazing day though.  Probably one of the coolest I have had on the mission.  We took a bunch of pictures, but we are running a little late today, and don't have too much time, so I might be able to send some a little later tonight.  The Thanksgiving dinner we had turned out to be quite the deal!  There were 15 of us in total - the married couples, the four office elders and the four assistants, and then President and his wife and son.  We thought it was gonna be something small, but there was nothing small about it, haha.  It was actually super good - tasted and felt like I was back in the states!  We had turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and the Sisters even pulled through and made some homemade stuffing for us, haha.  It was good stuff! Then I made some "Better than the Book of Mormon" cake to go along with some pies and stuff for dessert - turned out pretty dang good!  Then after dinner we all went to the living room and we all went around saying one thing that we were especially grateful for this year.  I was thinking lots about the one biggest blessing that I have had in my life this year and the thing that really came to my mind was my family.  I always have been very thankful for such a good family that I have, but I really didn't realize how awesome my family is until I came out here and took a look around at the real world and stuff.  So I just wanted to say thanks for being such an amazing family!  I really am very grateful for that!
   Then after that we sang some Christmas songs and then President turned on some Christmas music and we all helped decorate the tree!  It was a pretty cool feeling -  never really thought I would have an experience like that on the mission, to have a big Thanksgiving dinner and decorate a tree and stuff!  I was super lucky to be able to do that with President and his family!
   Haha, Man I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much about the car!  Sounds like you guys had it a little bit worse over there in Florida, haha.  At least there ain't a bunch of bugs everywhere!!  And that is good about the conference talks!  We still have not gotten the conference issue yet down here so I am looking forward to that!  It is always fun to study those!! 
   Well we got to get heading to PeƱaflor to finish a contract, but it was great to hear from you this week!  Have a great week this week!  I love and miss you all!

Elder Moser

Photos from Sister Lewis