Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Saturday, January 25, 2014

E-mail and photo

Hola!  Man, that weather forecast is getting to be pretty much the same thing every week!  Sure feels the same every day too!  Hot and dry!  But I have been enjoying it lately.  We will see if I still enjoy it when I start proselytizing again!  Sounds like I will be out in the real missionary world here in two or three weeks - pretty excited actually!  Today for p-day we actually did something kinda different.  President has been having a big meeting with all the zones just teaching how we should be teaching and all that stuff, and me and my comp hadn't been able to go to one yet, so that is what we did for our p-day.  He had one with some of the zones in the city, and it turned out to be pretty good.  That got me pretty excited to go out and get teaching again.  At first I was kinda bummed to sit in a meeting all day for p-day, but turned out to be really good and I learned a lot from it, so it was a pretty good p-day activity!  Then we finished the day taking a nap.  Got back pretty dang late last night again so it was nice to get caught up again.  Tonight we are gonna clean the font and get everything ready for the baptism we have tomorrow!  Pretty excited for that one!  Abraham has been such a great investigator - a huge blessing for us!  It has been pretty cool cause the ward we are in right now only has had 2 baptisms in like the last three years.  It has been pretty dead, but starting this week, we are gonna have 6 baptisms in the next 3 weeks!  The ward has started to work a little bit more, getting a little more excited.  It has been pretty cool to see it a happen a little bit :)
      That is a pretty sweet pic with Landon in the hockey gear - bet he is getting pretty good!!  Is he still playing goalie like he was a while ago?  Or is he all over the place?  It sounds like the missionary work is going pretty good up there in the Bedford Ward -  good ward mission leader I guess!  haha.  That is important that is for sure!
      They actually have one of the new ones in Spanish already! (Temple films)  I have not seen it yet, but the ones that have are pretty impressed with it!  Hopefully I will be able to get to the temple sometime soon.  I do miss that a lot - I am excited to get to be able to go again!
      Hey Rosie!!  I got your package!  It came in this week and I enjoyed it a lot!  It is always good to have some good chocolate from the States!  Thanks a bunch for that! :) 
Man, I am jealous that you guys got to go skiing!!  Me and my good buddy that is in the office probably make ourselves a little more trunky than we need to talking about skiing and camping and all that fun stuff, haha.  I just hope it is a good snow year next year!  Cause I am gonna be ready to do some skiing!
      Dad, before I left for my mission you told me to take some ear plugs, and you said one day in your mission you will need these - well that time has come!!  We have a new Elder in the office now.  He has some knee problems so he has to stay in the office, but man that kid can snore!!!  So those ear plugs are gonna come in very good use!  So thanks for the advice Dad!
      Anyway I gotta get going, but here is a picture of me and my comp a while ago.  Sorry I have been slacking on the pictures!  I will try to get on that again!  I hope everyone is doing good and that you all have a good week this week!
Elder Moser

Sunday, January 19, 2014


January 18, 2013

Hola!!  Hey thanks for the weather forecast Dad - I liked it a little better this week - you should just send me that one every week so I feel better, haha.  That should be fun going to the Draper Temple and stuff.  One of the kids that is in the office with me lives right by the temple, and says it is pretty sweet, so that should be cool!  Landon is probably gettin to be quite the stud in hockey.  That would be pretty sweet to watch too! The new office is on the street Gorbea with Republica.  En Santiago Centro.  Not sure the number of the building, but you should be able to find it with that!  This week has been a pretty interesting week!  We found 3 of the 4 apartments that we need right now, then we will get one more later on.  But kinda had a cool experience with the three that we got though.  Me and my comp worked super hard to find them - there is hardly anything there right now.  Everything is chuck full, but we finally found a couple but the next hard part was the realtors we had to deal with.  One wasn't too bad but two had had bad experiences doing business with the Church before.  So they were pretty skeptical in renting to us.  But we convinced them everything was good, got all the contracts ready and stuff, and in the office, money only comes Fridays and you have to ask at least 2 days before and President approves it and sends it to Salt Lake.  Anyway, we sent it in but the finance guy forgot to get it approved and signed by President.  And the realtors were expecting the money in cash Friday, so Thursday the finance guy told us the money didn't get approved and we weren't gonna have it tell the next Friday.  We were pretty bummed out about it cause we had put so much work into it.  So me and my comp decided to pray and to ask that everything would turn out alright.  We called the realtors and told them what was going on and the two said we would have to drop the contracts if we did not have the money.  One said if we could come up with 100,000 pesos (200 dollars) he would let us keep the apartment and we could pay him the rest the next Friday.  So me and my comp went to the ATM and took out every peso we had on our debit cards from the Church - turns out we had exactly 200 dollars.  I had 42 pesos left over - about 8 cents, and he had 400 pesos - about 80 cents.  So we paid the guy and told the other one we were just gonna have to drop it.  That was Thursday evening when that happened.  And the next morning, Friday, I got a call at 8 o'clock from the finance guy, Elder Lewis, one of the senior guys.  I answered the phone and he started yelling Moser! Moser!!  We got the money!  President never approved it but somehow the 4 thousand dollars we had asked for had come through.  He had felt pretty bad about forgetting and loosing the apartments, so he was a pretty happy man that morning.  So we called up the realtors and the said it was fine and we could keep that apartments and stuff.  Just a pretty cool miracle that happened for us.  We went back to look and President never approved the money but for some reason it had come through.  God just knew we needed those apartments pretty bad I guess!  Just helped me learn God is always watching out for us, and if we try our best he will do the rest!  It has been different in the office cause I haven't had a lot of spiritual experiences teaching people and stuff, but I have definitely seen the Lords hand in the work.  It has been fun seeing that from a different perspective.  It has taught me to just trust in the Lord a lot.  He knows what is going on! :) 
     Tonight our investigator, Abraham, is gonna have his baptism interview so we are pretty excited for that.  That guy is crazy.  Never even heard of an investigator that good before, haha.  He calls us to plan the lessons, he is just finishing the Book of Mormon, and has read most of the Gospel Principles book, and he pretty much taught us all the commandments cause he looked them up and read about them on the church website, haha.  He is a pretty cool guy - gonna be a big help for this ward I think.  It has been pretty weak lately - think he can be a spark to get them going again hopefully!  So hopefully everything goes good and we are planning a baptism for next week!
     I like the poem about the temple thing Dad pretty good idea!  This morning I was reading a book that has all the stories told by President Monson and there was one about the Guatemalan saints coming clear from Guatemala up through Mexico to make it to the Mesa Temple cause that was the closest one, and just all the sacrifice they made to get to the temple.  Pretty much starving to death when they got there.  But they knew the importance of it.  We are gonna be pretty stinking lucky to have the temple that close to home - I hope we don't make too many excuses not to go!  
     Well I've got to get going, but I hope everyone is doing ok!  Thanks for the letters and everything!  I miss and love you all!  Have a great week this week!

Elder Moser

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hola!  Well, it was another pretty good week down here in Chile!  Finally figured out why they call it "Chile" cause dang it has been getting hot down here, haha.  And about the "does it rain?" question.  Well, sure doesn't look like it!  It has been getting pretty warm down here.  There have been lots of fires over in the hills next to the city, so the city has just been chuck full of smoke lately!  My eyes were burning pretty bad there for a few days, but it has started to go away now, so I am happy about that!  This week President gave me the go on finding the 5 new apartments over there where the office is gonna be, so that is pretty much all I worked on this week.  Spent three days just walking around asking in all the buildings and stuff.  We are doing pretty good so far - think we will be all good for the move here in a couple weeks.  We had a Seventy that came from Argentina to check everything out and make sure the new office would be alright and everything.  He was just in the office talking to us and there were a couple of missionaries that just have a couple weeks left and something he said was pretty sweet. He said make sure you give it your all up until the very end - a lot of the times the last few days or weeks are the most important.  Just think of Jesus' life - what if he would have stopped working his last 5 days....  Anyway that was a pretty good lesson for me on persevering...  Made me think pretty good!  
    Today for p-day we had to go over to the east side of the city to pick up some stuff for President, so we took advantage and went to one of the sweet malls and had some T.G.I. Friday´s!  Pretty good stuff!  Definitely makes the week a little bit easier when you start it with some good ole American food!  Thanks for sending all the pictures and stuff Dad, and also the optometry links, they work great!  That will make it a lot easier to be able to decide what classes I should be taking.  Sounds like you guys are getting some pretty good snow up there!  Gonna have to go take advantage of it at Targhee or something :) 
     Well don't have too much more stuff going on, all the days always just blur together and I can't remember anything I did!  But I hope everyone is doing good! I have gotten some Christmas cards from a couple of my sisters, so thanks for those!  I enjoyed them a lot! :)
Have a great week this week!

Elder Moser

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hola everyone!  I hope everyone had a great New Year's and everything.  This week has been just a pretty normal week in the office again - nothing too exciting happened this week.  I should be in the office for about 5 more weeks, then I will be heading out to be a normal missionary again, if my comp gets his license by then.  I guess, the process is super slow here though, so I guess we will see what happens.  I guess I am getting pretty excited to go be a real missionary again.  It will kinda feel like I am starting the mission over again - it is gonna be a pretty big change! Just the schedule and everything.  But I am looking forward to it.  This week our one and only investigator has been in Peru and the South of Chile so we haven't had any lessons again, but we have been in good contact with him though.  He is still doing great.  Still chugging along super fast in the Book of Mormon - he is halfway done now.  And he was in Peru last week and he went out and looked for a chapel and went to all three hours.  I thought that was pretty impressive - feel like a lot of members wouldn't even do that.  And now he is in the South of Chile and has already found the chapel he is gonna go to this week.  He has turned out to be a great guy, and a really big blessing to me and my comp to be able to teach a little bit.  It is crazy how rusty I was on some of the lessons I have forgotten over the last 4 months though.  Definitely need to start studying a little more too.
     This year for New Year's everyone had to be in by 8:00 because all the drunk people and crazy stuff that goes on in the streets.  So we brought the projector home and a lady from our ward brought us some food and we watched the sequel to the 17 Miracles movie called Ephriam's Rescue.  It was a pretty dang good movie!  So that was a pretty fun, good relaxing night.
     Those are some pretty sweet pens you made for all the guys dad!  You should start selling those things!!  And I hope that was not you in the Santa suit in the Tetons, haha.  Maybe that is what you were doing while mom stayed in Texas for a while!!??  Hope not!!  Sounds like you and Mom are doing pretty good with the whole missionary work there in the ward tho!  So, good job there!  You guys are gonna be nice and prepared for when you guys head out haha :)  Do you have any clue when that is gonna be?? 
     Last night we got home pretty late from the country but I had a pretty big urge to read in the scriptures and so I just opened up the Book of Mormon in English.  It had been a long time since I had read the scriptures in English - mainly Spanish now, but anyway I turned to 3 Nephi chapter 4 and I got pretty into it I guess but ended up reading until 3 Nephi chapter 18, haha.  Got to bed kinda late I guess, but it was really sweet reading about the whole Jesus coming to America experience.  For me that is what really sets the Book of Mormon apart and what is special about the Book of Mormon.  It is just cool to me all the stuff he taught the people and how in the church today we still use those exact teachings.  The Book of Mormon really does have the fullness of the gospel.  It is pretty sweet and mind boggling to me how perfect everything worked out - just the ancient prophets writing it, and us using it today.  Nothing has been changed over all the years- we still do the exact same stuff.  There is always so much change in the world but the gospel never changes.  We don't have to worry about it changing to what the world thinks is best or whatever.  Definitely shows it really is from God.  But anyways it was just a good little spiritual uplift for me I guess - got me going again! 
     Well, I hope everyone is doing great and has a great week this week!  I miss and love you all!!  Good luck with everything you are doing!!

Elder Moser