Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Monday, April 28, 2014

E-mail and Photos

Hola!!  Shoot, I think you are right Dad, I really don't think I will recognize them when I get back!! Pretty crazy stuff!  I am excited for the rain this week!  I hope it actually gets here!! :)  It will be the first time in a long time!!  About the drivers license - you can just keep it there - I shouldn't need it for anything down here!  And about the classes for BYUI, well, I am not sure.  It depends on what day it is.  I think that I will have to tell you beforehand exactly what I want and then I think you guys will have to do it there early one morning, but I will look into it today!  Sounds like a pretty big project you guys had getting the tree out of Grandmas yard!!  I bet it looks pretty different now!
     Well it was another pretty good week down here in Santiago!  The weather was super nice, perfect for going out and working!  We took advantage of it too!  We had one of the best weeks that I have had in a while - pretty fun stuff.  We were able to put some more baptismal dates with some people, and we had a great turnout of investigators at church, so that was pretty sweet. We had some husbands come with wives that have never stepped foot in the chapel before, so that was pretty cool to see that!  And we also got some good strong investigators now that are coming to church.  The two strongest ones are Winston and Sylvia.  I think I talked a little bit about them last time.   Big miracles that we were able to see here.  It was actually pretty cool cause the mission has a card that we pass out to the members that they put names of friends on that they want to invite to church.  Turns out that one of the members had put Sylvia's name on the card and we did not even know it.  When we called the Hermana to see if she could come to a lesson with a lady we had met and were teaching named Sylvia. She was a pretty happy lady when she saw that it was her friend Sylvia she had put on her card - pretty cool how it all turned out - looks like it is Sylvias time!  The members did a great job of fellowshipping her this week too.  So she is doing great, excited for her baptism and everything. 
     We also had two special mission conferences this week, one with our President and the other with the Area President, President Gonzalez.  Turns out our mission was chosen for a new pilot program the church is starting.  Our mission is one of four in the world that is doing it. We were chosen cause we have one of the greatest amounts of  inactive members in the whole world, pretty sad stuff, haha.  But anyway, I think the new thing we are doing will help a lot.  The new program that we are doing is that the missionaries focus 100% on inactive members.  In all the other missions in the world missionaries have key indicators that they have to report every week, like lessons with a member present, new investigators, contacts, referrals received and contacted, baptismal dates, lessons taught to less actives, and all of the normal numbers.  Well starting this week we do not report any of that, and the only thing the missionaries are reporting are baptisms and less actives that attended church.  Just those two, so it is gonna weed out a lot of the missionaries that just work to get numbers that is for sure, haha.  It is gonna be quite interesting.  The numbers have always been a big part of the mission so it is gonna be super weird to not be using them!  Just working with less acitves, and baptizing, that is all they want from us.  They just want us to be creative and teach a lot of people, and have the church attendance grow, haha.  So it is gonna be an interesting change.  The ward is supposed to be super involved though, so hopefully we can get them going.  I am excited for the change though, it should be fun! We will still be teaching a lot of non members too, just by trying to find less actives we will be able to teach non members so it should be good and I am excited for it all! President Gonzalez said, well, it is coming down to the end of things, the Lord is putting together his last gathering down here in Chile and Argentina.  We are definitely in the last days that is for sure, and the Lord is hastening his work! 
     I hope everyone is doing good up in the good ole United States!  It was great to hear from you this week and see pictures of everyone!  I am doing great down here and loving every day!  I love you and miss you all!

Elder Moser

Traveling to Mission Conference in Talegante 
to meet with Elder Gonzalez. 

 Cab y Yo

 Lunch - pancakes and hashbrowns.

Monday, April 21, 2014

E-mail and Photos

Hola!  Thanks for the letter and the pictures!  Those are some pretty sweet mountain goats you saw there - looks like they were down pretty close this year!  And it looks like I am gonna have another warm week down here!  The weather has been super nice lately and I have been enjoying it a lot!!  Sounds like you guys have a lot of work to do to get caught up with everything there in the yard and stuff!  Sounds like fun :)  And thanks for sending the package!  I am looking forward to it!  This week was another pretty good week down here!  In the Mission they have been doing a big musical program for Easter and we have been doing a lot of announcing for it and everything, and making a lot of big advertisements for it.  It was last night and more than 1000 people showed up to it!  It was a group of missionaries from the mission that sing good and there were some videos and stuff  - turned out to be pretty good!  I have never seen a chapel that full down here, that is for sure.  President was pretty happy about it.  At least a fourth of the people were nonmembers so that was pretty cool!  We were able to bring a couple of investigators and they enjoyed it a lot!  This week we were able to see a couple more miracles happen in our sector.  Well last week I talked about a guy that came to church last week that speaks English.  Well he gave us a number but it turned out to be the wrong number, so we had no contact with him all week long.  We thought he was lost, but turns out he showed up again.  Said he wasn't gonna miss church for anything.  He said his parents were mad at him for coming but he still did it.  That stuff sure does not happen very much down here!  He is a great kid, and super ready for the gospel.  Also we have been doing tours of the chapel.  Every Saturday, us 8 missionaries from the ward open up the church and we give tours to people, and anyway the Hermanas did a tour with a lady, and she showed up for church the next day, that sure does not happen very often either!  She started bawling during the Sacrament.  I guess she felt the spirit, and she asked us if we could come to her house and teach her more about the church - she is super ready too.  We had been working hard all week but did not see many results, so it was great to see some miracles at the end of the week!  Always makes me feel good!  Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good week!  I also had to give a talk yesterday for Easter.  I had to fill 20 minutes but it sure is a lot easier now that I can speak Spanish!  I remember back in La Islita when I didn't speak too good, and I had to fill like 40 minutes - that was not too fun!  It sure is nice though being able to speak the language - sure am more effective now, that is for sure! 
     Today we headed over to a place that has some great hamburgers so those are the pictures I sent!  It was some good food for once!!  It has been awhile! :) 
     I really am doing good down here though, and loving every minute of it!  I hope everyone is doing great and that you all had a great Pasqua!! I love and miss you all!

Elder Moser
 Completos with Luis Leiva, a professional singer here in Chile

 Completos with my comp

Emmerson's Wedding

 With Pato after the musical

At Mamuts!! Eating some good food!

Monday, April 14, 2014

E-mail and Photos

Hola!!  Looks like you guys had a pretty good bike ride in the Park!  My comp from Paraguay could not believe all the snow.  He lives by the Amazon so it makes sense, haha.  He thought the picture was fake though, and didn't really believe it!  Thanks for getting the gel and those nasty sunflower seeds!  I sure do like those nasty things though :)  Gives me something to chew on in the mornings - think I need to hold back on the mate a little bit!!  Wow that is a pretty sweet story about Derrick Wolfley - that is pretty crazy stuff!!  It is awesome how things just "work out" sometimes!  That is pretty cool that Darrin Taylor and his wife are gonna start listening to the missionaries.  I don`t remember too much about them but I do remember them a little bit.  Looks like the work is moving forward there in Star Valley!  Pretty cool stuff.  I really don't remember hearing about anybody getting baptized much when I was growing up - sure didn't happen very often!  Looks like the Ward Mission Leader is doing good or something like that!!  Well we had a pretty good week this week - we were able to put a baptismal date with a new guy we found and we were able to find a couple of miracle kids.  They both happen to speak perfect English.  They are both 22.  One of them showed up to our English class, and since he spoke perfect English, he and I were just talking in the chapel and he started asking questions about the Church and stuff.  I ended up teaching him the first lesson, but man it was tough in English.  I think I butchered it a little bit.  I have never taught it in English, not even in the MTC, so it was a fun experience, but it was good practice cause Sunday another 22 year old kid showed up to church and said he is dating a Mormon and wants to learn more about the church.  That does not happen very often!!  So I ended up teaching him lesson one in English too.  Looks like the Lord is preparing me to go on splits with the missionaries and teach in English when I get home, haha.  Anyway, it was pretty cool meeting these two kids.  They are awesome and really interested.  My comp and I were kind of down cause we had worked really hard this week, but not too much was happening, so it was awesome to be able to see some miracles like that happen with those two boys.  They are exactly alike but have never met each other before.  Good thing we met them the same week, because they will be able to support each other in the church!  So we will see how that comes along!! But other than that is was a pretty normal week here in Chile - the temperature was great so that made it nice!  Just enjoying the good old Chilean life down here!  I hope everyone is doing good!  I love you all!!

Elder Moser

A pic my old comp sent me,
 the doggy snuck into our house!!
 (we accidentally left the door open) 

The Chilean fair! Pretty sketchy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

E-mail and Photo

Hola!  Thanks for sending all the pictures again.  Looks like you guys had a great weekend, and nice fishing pole Mom!  Don't catch them all before I get there please!!  Couldn't believe how old Hannah is looking!  Well it was a pretty good week this week down here.  Everybody was talking a lot about the earthquakes and everything.  One of the inactive ladies we are teaching husband was staying in a hotel in the town where the big earthquake happened the other day, and she was pretty scared about the whole thing.  All the phone lines and everything were cut so she could not hear from him for a few days.  She was pretty distressed there for a while, and we were there when her husband finally was able to call.  Haven't seen anybody that happy in my life!  And yes we did feel the earthquake that passed through a couple of days ago.  My comp was talking on the phone and I was eating a cucumber and we heard a big noise like a train was coming, and then it started shaking pretty hard!  I guess everyone was so paranoid from the big ones that happened in the north cause that was the only thing that was on the news for the last week, so when it started to shake, everybody started running outside and all the women and kids were screaming.  The whole ground shaking thing did not scare me as much as the screaming.  We live in a pretty big apartment complex, so there were ALOT of women screaming.  Sure was not that big, but long and big enough to scare the people a little!  After hearing all the people screaming and stuff, it made me think about the Mormon Message with Elder Nelson when he talks about the airplane he was on that caught on fire and everybody started screaming and freaking out.  I just wanted to go around teaching everybody that night, after how scared they were.  Made me realize how much the gospel and the plan of salvation really does comfort us!
     Things are still going pretty good in our sector.  Had lots of stuff to do this week, but we still were able to find some good people and have some good lessons.  And Conference was great this time.  I have really learned how to enjoy and get way more out of Conference here on the mission.  Think I took a book of notes this time - gets longer every conference!  I think the mate helped me stay awake a little bit too!  Good stuff!  I really like the talk by President Uchtdorf about being thankful.  I think  that one is gonna help our investigator, Benedicto, out a lot.  He has been pretty depressed, but I think that will help a lot - it was just for him.
     That is good you were able to get some stuff planted in the green house already Dad!  Speaking of fruits and vegetables, bananas were the one thing I could still not eat down here, cause they are from Ecuador, just like the ones we eat in the states, but I decided to try them again, and didn't have any problems.  I have been eating about three kilos a week - didn't realize all the goodness I was missing for so many years, haha.  So hope the problem does not come back in the states though, cause I have come to love tomato and avocado a lot down here, so I am just hoping it is gone for good!!
     Well I had better get going, but thanks for the email Dad, and thanks for all the letters you send Mom - I still get them and I enjoy them a lot!
     Hey Dad, one thing I could use is one more little bottle of that American Crew hair stuff you sent me a while ago, could you send me some of that again??  It is the one with the blue sticker on it.  And some dill pickle spitz sunflower seeds would be real good too!! :)  Thanks dad :)
I hope that you guys all have a great week this week!!  I love and miss you all!

Elder Moser

This lady was converted by my trainer
about three years ago.