Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola!!  Well, it looks like everyone had a good Fourth of July!  And those are some nice photos Dad!  They are looking good!  That is too bad about your battery, but that is good that you were able to get some anyways :)  And Happy Birthday Rosie and Halle!! Sorry I forgot to say that last week!! :)  I decided I could not let the Fourth of July pass without doing something so we decided to buy some steaks and cook them up on the grill, but man, Chilean meat just sure ain't the same as gringo meat.  It is as tuff as nails.  Sure am excited for that steak at Texas Roadhouse :)  I sent a picture of me with the meat and the grill, and it is a good thing I cooked that in the dark.  I realized just now when I sent the picture how rusty the grill was haha, whoops...  Wow, sounds like you had quite the adventure with that car of Grandmas.  Kinda funny, while we were in the bus on our way here to the cyber today I was thinking about what I was gonna write and stuff and I was thinking about the car, and I thought, huh, wonder if Dad checked the fuses, haha.  Looks like that was it!!!  Think I received that revelation one week late though, haha.  But I am glad that you got it up and running though! 
   This week we should be going to the temple, but the names you sent should be enough.  The converts that are going with us have a few family names too, so it should be fine.  It has been fun working with them on their family history.  They definitely have to start from ground zero, that is for sure, but they have a lot of names right off to do baptisms for though!  They have been pretty excited about the whole thing.  I think it will help them out a lot being able to go to the temple and do all this family history work!  I was surprised by how much the family search website has changed - that is pretty awesome.  All the stuff they have on there now sure makes it a lot easier to do all the work!  Looks like they are still doing a lot of indexing and stuff here in Chile so they have not been able to find a lot of names through the records, but still a few, so that has been good!  
   Our convert, Silvia, works at a place where they make suits and stuff for businesses and stuff so last week she surprised us with a brand new suit that she had made herself.  It is pretty nice.  It was super nice of her cause she does not have much.  So that was pretty special! 
   We had another good week this week here in our sector.  We have been working super hard trying to do as much as we can and we have been finding lots of new investigators and menos activos.  We are finding most of the investigators through the menos activos, so that has been pretty cool working with a ton of part member families. It is good and bad sometimes cause a lot of the menos activos talk bad about the church and stuff in front of their family who aren't members, but we have had some success though, so it has been good!!
   Sorry for not being more clear about the go home date, but ya it is the last Tuesday of August.  It is the 26th - pretty sure I will be arriving in the morning on the 26th.. 
   Hey Dad, pretty sure I forgot my pin number on my personal debit card... whoops. Think you could look that up for me??  Thank you!!
   I hope that everyone is doing good and enjoying summer up there in the states!!  Looks like it is gonna be a pretty nice week down here in Chile for winter, haha.  It's alright for me! :)  I love and miss you all! 
Elder Moser

Dad one more thing.  So, my comps parents don't support him at all on his mission and he asked them if they could send him money to get some things before he goes home, and they told him no.  So I wanted to help him out a little cause he has no money of his own either.  One of the things he really wanted was some leather scripture cases for his Bible and Book of Mormon, and it is gonna be about 85 bucks in total.  Don't know if you would want to help me out a little on that or I can just pay for it if you want.  But do you just want to make sure I have a couple hundred dollars on my card?  I am gonna try and get some stuff here soon too.  And if you could check on that pin number!  Thanks dad!  Have a great week this week! 

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