Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Monday, February 24, 2014

E-mail and photos

Hola!  Wow, those are some pretty cool pictures of the Bedford sunset and stuff!  That one made me kinda trunky, haha.  Man, Cameron beat my record for the biggest fish haha, looks like I found my fishin buddy!  It has been pretty warm again this week!  Saturday we did a service project and washed cars at the chapel while some of the missionaries did tours for the people while their cars were getting washed.  It was a pretty good activity, but man I got sun burned!  I needed a little color though - I was getting pretty white!  Turned out to be a pretty good activity, but I was surprised how much Chileans don't like free stuff!  Guess it was just cause it was the Mormons giving it to them, haha.  Took us forever to get people to let us wash their car, haha.  I thought it was pretty funny.  But we did have some good experiences with it though!  We met some good people.  We also had another service activity cleaning out the house of an alcoholic that we are teaching - man that thing was nasty.  We pulled out like 20 huge bags of trash that was just all over the floor and everything.  We have been trying to help him - he wants to change and he has been going to church and reading and everything and wants to be baptized, but just can't stop smoking and drinking.  He goes crazy if he doesn't have it.  Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how we could help him and stuff - never really had to help anyone stop drinking and smoking before. 
     Patricio is still doing really good.  He is progressing good and everything, and we are planning for his baptism here in a couple of weeks, so hopefully everything goes good with him.  It has been cool watching him understand all the stuff we teach and how excited he is about it all - definitely makes the whole mission experience worth it!
     Looks like you guys had a pretty good trip down there in Utah - looks fun!  Man, you can send some of that snow down here to me!!  That is something I miss for sure.
     About the temple names you guys sent me - I was not able to use them cause I got transferred before I was able to go to the temple with Abraham.  So you guys can go ahead and use them.  I might ask for some more next time, but it will be awhile I am sure. 
     And about where I am living and stuff.  I can't really remember the street I live on but the church I go to is the one on the road Primo de Rivera.  And I live in apartments that are about ten blocks or so to the north.  It is the last road before you get to the freeway to the north, I am pretty sure.  I got lucky and have a washing machine again, cause that is where the sister missionaries used to live, so I am happy about that one!!  And we eat lunch every day with the members here.  This is the second biggest ward in our mission so they are pretty good about lunches and stuff.  And for breakfast I bought 4 kilos of blueberries this week and like 2 kilos of peaches - found some pretty good deals in the feria!!  It was like a buck a kilo for the blueberries - a dollar for over two pounds. Sounded like a pretty good deal to me, haha.  So I eat those with some cereal every day.  And dinner, well we just eat a lot for lunch, haha.  Don't really eat dinner too much down here.  But anyway, everything is going great!  I am happy and lovin the mission!  I hope you guys are all good!!  Have a great week this week!! 

Elder Moser

Car Wash at the Church 

Valentine Day Activity 

Patricio and my companion

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