Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


February 11, 2014

Hola everyone!!  Well, starting this week my p-day is gonna be on Monday from now on.  This week was a little different but the rest will always be Monday.  Man, I didn't realize how big of a change it really would be to be back out into the field working like a real missionary!  The last 6 months I have just been worrying about and finding houses, but now I am starting and trying to worry and find people!  Just got to switch my mind back over I guess!  I am in a pretty good sector I guess!  I got put in as Zone Leader in the zone of Los Cerrillos.  My ward is called Primo de Rivera.  I am only about 10 minutes away from the office and my old sector, haha, so it is kinda weird.  But it should be good and  I am pretty excited for it!  I do have a lot of work ahead of me though.  Los Cerriollos is the deadest zone in the mission right now, in terms of everything.  Attendance has been dropping bad and there have been barely any baptisms.  I was kinda scared at first, still am, cause I don't really remember how to be a real missionary, but I'm pretty excited though.  Ready to work hard and lay it all out on the table, and see what I can do here.  I did get a pretty good comp though!  His name is Elder Manzano.   Elder Appletree in English, haha.  He is from Argentina.  He is a super hard worker, and knows a lot of stuff.  I am excited to learn a lot from him.  He is one of the guys who had to drop out of school and start working when he was 15 to support his family cause his dad left the family.  So he definitely knows how to work.  This kid doesn't stop, haha.  So I should be able to get back into the swing of things pretty fast I hope.  I do have some good friends in the zone too, so hopefully we can get everyone goin!  Well, I hope everyone is doing good and everything!!  I gotta get headin out for today.  But next Monday I will write some more!  Have a great week this week!

Elder Moser

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