Elder Jared Moser has been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on August 22, 2012.

We will use this blog to post his e-mails, letters, and photos from his mission, to record them for him and to share with his family and friends.

Feel free to make comments, but he will not have internet access and will not see the comments until he returns home.

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Elder Jared H. Moser
Mission Chile Santiago Oeste
Casilla de Correos 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipu, Chile

Monday, April 1, 2013

E-mail and Photos

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!  It kinda snuck up on me.  I bought a new watch down here and it doesn't have the dates, and when someone told me it was the first of April this week, I couldn't believe it, haah.  March went by way fast!!  Hope you had a great birthday Mom!  and a great trip to Colombia.  I am excited to hear about that!!  I like Landon's futball jersey!  I have gotten some as gifts and man they are comfy! super nice to wear around.  He looks like a little Chilean now!!  This week was pretty good!!! super fast though!  We had a great ward activity this week.  I was told at past ward activities that usually only about ten people come but we had over forty there this time, it was awesome.  We had a big dessert competition, and let's just say I am glad I live in America.  Chileans really cannot make desserts!!!  Can't wait for some of Mom's desserts again!!  Thanks for going to buy the stuff Dad.  I will try to eat a lot of fruit in the mean time, it is just kinda hard cause they ship all the good stuff to you guys, and the stuff that is down here really is not very good, kinda stinks!!  The pears and peaches have no taste!! and I am kinda sick of grapes, haha, way too many of those the last couple weeks!!  This week we have been teaching a guy that came to one of our English classes that we are having every week.  He is a really great guy and has an awesome family.  I hope things keep going good with him.  He seems pretty interested in the Book of Mormon and things so I am excited to keep teaching him and his family, they are a lot of fun!!  We were able to go to a baptism with a kid that has a baptismal date and he really liked that.  We have been having a lot of fun with him, he is a great kid and a great friend here as well.  He really loves the Church, and it is awesome to watch him with everything.  It was actually super cold the last three days here.  We were in long sleeve shirts and everyone else here was in a jacket and it was overcast.  It made it super nice for working, and I am excited for the coolness to start!!  It has been a long hot summer!!  Today we were able to go to Santa Lucia for a zone activity, the hill in Santiago that I went to before.  I had already seen everything but it was fun to go up there again and do something a little different.  There are a lot of great people in my zone this time and it has been fun getting to know them.  I will try to send some pictures as well - one is me and my companion eating empanadas after the baptism with Jose Louis, the kid that has a baptismal date.  Well I hope everyone is doing great!!  Have an awesome week!!
Elder Moser

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